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Elizabeth Botham
Elizabeth BothamLearn more about our founder: Elizabeth Botham and our history

Nick Botham - Director
Nick Botham - DirectorGreat Grandson of Elizabeth Botham. Nick is a true craftsman through and through. He supervises all aspects of baking and ices and decorates the many cakes we make alongside looking after the bakery equipment, energy consumption and vehicles.

Nick is also involved with the Lifeboat and is often called away from the bakery to act as second coxswain on board and has taken part in numerous rescues over the last twenty-five years.

Jo Botham - Director
Jo Botham - DirectorGreat Grandson of Elizabeth Botham. Jo is particularly interested in product development, as well as company purchases, stock control and production. Jo, when work, family, and weather permit, likes nothing more than a dip in the icy waters of the North sea (or warmer ones if possible) to indulge his passion for surfing. "I've been addicted to surfing for over twenty five years and now I need it as my escape from pressure. It's a joy and a thrill that puts my life back in perspective" says Jo.

Mike Jarman - Managing Director
Mike Jarman - Managing DirectorHusband of Sarah Jarman.As Managing Director, Mike looks after the company affairs and administration, spearheading new developments and projects. He oversees the e-commerce and promotional areas of the business, as well as keeping an eye on the day to day running of the bakery. Mike's precious spare time is devoted to his classic cars, he is also a proud grandfather.

Sarah Jarman - Director
Sarah Jarman - DirectorGreat Granddaughter of Elizabeth Botham.Sarah is heavily involved in the sales area of the business, overseeing the shops and promotional events through the year and is a proud grandmother to six little bakers.

Liz Roberts - Director
Liz Roberts - DirectorGreat Granddaughter of Elizabeth Botham.Liz is a food technologist and produces and decorates cakes and Wedding Cakes in the Finishing room along with Lois and Nick. Liz is also involved in recipe testing and development. Liz is a keen gardener, and cycles miles to work each day.

Lois Borrett
Lois BorrettOur newest director and yet another generation in the company, Lois is a fully qualified baker responsible for the Fancy Room (cake decorating department), HACCP and SALSA quality systems; as well us bringing up a very bouncy little boy!
Although she would never admit it, she's also a brilliant cook - must be something in her genes!

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